Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Steph Hale | 14 February 2023

Dr Kim Le’s War on Wellbeing is an interesting, entertaining and enjoyable show, though it needs some fine tuning. Dr Kim Le is a practising psychiatrist who lends his mind to comedy for this humorous study of happiness. Kim delivers research and anecdotes in a light and comedic way while broaching some heavier subject matter. With a healthy dose of 90s cultural references it was an interesting take on the topic of wellbeing.

While the scope and worth of his work is clear and undeniable, the tone couldn’t seem to settle between a comedy show and the University lecture you wish you had. Kim’s thoughts on the mental health machine are reassuring as a patient and I really appreciated his openness and honesty about the system. I found his work very interesting and his insight on happiness thought provoking but found myself wishing for more depth in those parts of the show, an understandable issue for a 45 minute production attempting to cover such a breadth of topics.

Part autobiography, part lecture and part stand up, I don’t think this show knows what it is - though there are certainly strong foundations. While I was interested in Kim’s background and philosophy we didn’t delve deeply enough into either. It felt like a sandwich with no filling. We never got the ‘meat’ but the bread was good. The show has good bones but needs fleshing out.

Dr Kim Le’s War on Wellbeing may not be for me but I was approaching it as a patient not a doctor - I think medical professionals would appreciate and ‘get’ the humour more than I did, particularly those in the mental health field.

While I definitely laughed and there were some solid jokes, on the whole this show was more consult than comedy for me.