Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Bridget Hutchings | 14 February 2023

Ready for a witty, hilarious and rather educational hour of pure comedic genius? Then look no further! Dane Simpson takes us on a 60,000-year journey using entertaining anecdotes about his time exploring different Aboriginal cultures, both at home on Country and around the whole of Australia. He’ll have you laughing out loud, wowing at his superb didge skills, and quite literally waving your hands in the air!

Dane is cheeky and relatable chap who is immediately welcoming and encourages the audience to simply enjoy the show. Don’t worry about political correctness here – you ARE allowed to laugh, people! His natural and confident presence is warming and watching him laugh at his own jokes just makes everything that bit funnier.

Dane fills the show with quips and puns between amazingly impressive displays of his awesome didgeridoo skills. Audience participation is encouraged for parts as Dane celebrates both traditional and modern Aboriginal nuances.

He tells us of ways he’s combatted casual racism with relatable passive aggressive solutions and almost every story ends with a tale of his dad, “the d*ckhead”. As much as he rags on his dad, it’s touching to see the clear admiration and love he has for this man – I’m looking forward to the next duo show that we heard so much about!

Didgeridoozy is cracking the unique market of both a good night out with a couple of schooners AND a Cultural Awareness seminar alike! If you’re only going to one comedy show this Fringe, make sure it’s this one, bruhhhh!