Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Stu Moore | 11 February 2023

Lewd, crude and depraved but very funny.

Leave your sensibilities at the door and let Katharyn Henson, sassy motormouth from New York City, shock and regale you.

The stories she tells are delivered with smart, energetic wit and seem to derive largely from her life experience, although surely her Dad can’t be that bad?

Among the many topics Katharyn entertained us with were:

  • A novel suggestion for keeping women safe;
  • Some ‘highlights’ from her time working in a sex dungeon;
  • What went through her mind when she first met her husband; and
  • How she coped with being a Melbourne and then a UK covid lockdown victim.

Some of the material is so shocking you don’t quite know whether it’s ok to laugh but it’s best to put aside any temptation to be offended and simply roll with it, and then laugh some more.

There weren’t any hecklers but judging by her performance I would bet on Katharyn being able to rip any such interrupter to shreds.

A strange thing with Katharyn is that while the material is offensive, the delivery is certainly not nasty (in the traditional sense of the word), despite the show’s title. A times various groups were faced with hilarious but awkward questions, yet somehow it was done with affection, New York City style.

The 6.40pm start time is surprising considering the material, which is definitely of the after-dark variety, but Katharyn just gets on with it. Nothing is sacred or off-limits – dogs, fists, fetishes, perversions all get a crack and invariably crack us up, or if not, Katharyn merely rattles on to the next topic.

It is a privilege for us to get high quality international comedians like Katharyn here in Perth for FRINGE WORLD, so if you like a bit of filth, this show is highly recommended.