Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Hana Humboldt | 01 February 2023

Comedy so spicy that your cheeks will be in constant pain from the side-splitting laughter!

Aditya Gautam may resent being called ‘plain’ food-related slurs such as papadum, but that’s because his jokes and stories are as fire as the perfect chicken tikka masala (as he’s preferred to be called). Aditya tells it like it is, sharing his ridiculous and oddly relatable stories about living in and moving from India to Australia, and will have you in stitches from Dehli to Melbourne.

Whether you’re a fellow Indian, another immigrant or a local Aussie, Aditya gets everyone in the crowd to pitch in to build a colourful, creative and comedic story for all. While his unique takes on Australian and Indian culture may get you hot (but not bothered), his crowd work is as chill as a 90s RNB mixed tape. Far from the fiery roasts that many stand-up show-goer might fear (or seek), Aditya gets to know most in the audience, without discriminating on front row fanatics or back-seat bandits, and turns each and every response into comedic gold. The whole show feels like it’s been tailor-made just for you; an experience that you’ll definitely walk away from and treasure.

Aditya’s style most certainly has something for everyone. From off-handed, innocuous dick jokes to storied setups that will catch you at the last minute, every punchline will leave you smiling and breathless in equal measure.