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Emotional roller-coaster
Emotional roller-coaster
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Emotional roller-coaster
“Emotional roller-coaster”
Some Brilliant Jokes, Some So-so
Reviewed by Maria M.
02 February 2024
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Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Josh Woodward | 27 January 2023

It is my ambition that the Experimental Comedy show at Fringe becomes THE premier night of the festival for stand up in Perth.

The show’s name says it all. Comedians from across the festival converge in one location and try their new material. Not all of the punchlines land, but this is part of the art form, and when you come to this show, you are part of the creative process. You and the person sitting next to you are a sounding board for all the jibes, jokes and one liners that are getting shot out for the first time.

It is an intimate gig with a close knit line up of performers that changes every show. It is better than any ‘best of’ show at FRINGE. It is a dead to rights laugh fest where the jokes hit right all the time, 80 percent of the time.

On the night I attended there were over ten acts with a variety of material and styles. From the observations of overseas comics to the rapid one line deliveries of some of our much loved locals, every comic killed and each dared to go out on a limb with some new material. You never know who will get on the stage and this is a promising night for Fringe fans and the comics themselves.

Everyone gets to see the performers push the envelope, making each act harder and harder to follow until the whole club descends into a hysterical fit of unbridled laughter, bemusement. Chat to the comics during the intermission or after the show and find out where else they are performing at the festival.

I love this show and will be back with friends next Tuesday as a paying audience member. 5/5.