Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Lauren Yovich | 22 January 2023

Comedy gold, a riot of the good kind!

Wondering if this show will be your cup of tea? Your pint of Guinness? or just too haggis to stomach? Well scoping out what the reviewer thinks is a good start, Innit?

Although the name of this show implies the top of mind cliche "walk into a bar joke..." this show delivered so much more than a daggy punchline! You’ll be fighting back the tears and in hysterics at these original and boundary crossing comedians.

Three funny folk take to the stage with an hour of laughs, a Scotsman that identifies as ADHD-LGBTQIA+ or as Larry prefers an “eye chart exam”, a pale Irishman who likens a Perth summer beach visit to a suicide attempt, and an Englishman with laryngitis who enjoyed lockdown just a little bit too much.

The jokes were witty, hilarious and cheeky.. and to be frank, even if they were a "wee" bit off for some, there's just something about the delivery of funnies by someone with an accent!

Get yerself a pint of the black stuff, kick back and enjoy an hour of comedy gold, leprechauns included... or were those Irish jockeys?

I would highly recommend putting this show on your Fringe MUST SEE list, as a lover of comedy this was exceptional.