Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Alana Kildea | 22 January 2023

If you forced an artificially intelligent robot to watch all the blockbuster movies ever made and then asked it to create a new movie, the product would be this show. Cleverly stupid and joyously serious, James Hancox: Megamovie is a masterpiece of tomfoolery.

James, a down-on-his-luck actor, is about to get dropped by his agent when he saves his career with a lie: he is starring in a new blockbuster movie. James must therefore improvise a plot and create his very own film to back up his quick fib. James’ Megamovie incorporates all the things you would expect in a blockbuster: classic movie tropes, terrible puns, and just a dash of deliberately bad musical numbers. The result is so ridiculous, I can genuinely say I was grinning the entire time.

James’ style of performance incorporates a variety of elements including physical comedy, improv, budget props and breaking the fourth wall. The show is designed to incorporate the audience, but don’t let that throw you off. James subtly crafts a safe space for the audience to let go of inhibitions, get silly and create some comedic gold.

James is an animated and energetic performer, and a master of physical theatre. A one-man show, ordinarily, has its challenges, let alone adding the unpredictability of improvisation and audience participation. However, James’ high energy and quick wit certainly kept the audience engaged throughout. Clearly a seasoned performer, nothing seemed to phase James, and he was able to brush off any unexpected outcome with a snappy punchline.

Combining cinematic epics with James’ capable performance hands leads to a show that is just good ol’ wholesome fun. James Hancox: Megamovie can be enjoyed by anyone and any group, regardless of whether you are a Fringe newbie or Fringe veteran, but especially those who love things that are so bad that they’re good.