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Greatest of all time
Greatest of all time
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Greatest of all time
“Greatest of all time”
Raw. Intense. Beautiful. Powerful. Moving.
Reviewed by Teresa G.
12 February 2022
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Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Bruce Mutard | 12 February 2022

As someone who lives life rather too much in the head, swimming in the media slipstream, it was an altogether different experience to be taken back to the body, back to its rhythms, its beat, its haptic, emotional, pulsing sense. But that seems to be what Julia Rose is trying to convey in her work, Lineage. She describes its genesis as something arising from within herself, and transformative in ways she could never have predicted. But that giving in to the feelings, their needs, the messages coming through an internal zone as conduit from something transcendental, that does not want to be codified, is the 'message'.

And the medium for this message is the body. Three womxn: Felyah Hadar, Ash Hartree and Zsuzsa are the performers, or 'embodied artistry' as they have it, who move to this transformation through the feminine archetypes of mother, daughter, priestess, witch (shamanic) and others. It is a work of embodiment and response to the moment, the other, those present in the space. It seemed that many attending were familiar with the performers; a very communal feeling that was lovely.

The Da Raw Gallery space was the right venue for this, tucked at the back of a laneway off Henry St. overrun with vines and tree ferns. It's an artist studio, gallery and coffee hut with communal vibe that is also a space that allows people to be their true selves, putting aside the masks needed for everyday interactions in the physical and online all day rush-hour.

It's not a show for everyone; you need to be patient and give yourself over to it. I was too alert and observant, wanting to let go, but I would need to practise to do that. But if you're wanting to get out of your noisy headspace, then it's worth taking a deep breath and being present at this performance.