Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Jackie Raphael | 06 February 2022

Daniel Delby has been single for most of his life, but at least he has managed to create a career out of it with this hilarious show. If you have seen his previous show 30 Years Single, it is worth coming to this one as it is entirely new material that focuses on his most recent years of single life and short relationship.

Delby is attractive and witty, yet he appears to make some bad choices in women and uses some questionable pick up lines. Delby shares stories about being rejected repeatedly and how his girlfriend of a few months tried to change him. He also has the audience share some of their stories and engages the room well.

Another great topic discussed during the show was red flags in dating. This got a lot of laughs and also resulted in a brilliant rap about random bad traits that could be turned into positives. Delby also shared a fantastic rap about the differences between men and women, again using his freestyle approach and having the audience contribute to the lyrics.

The always charming Delby promises non-stop laughs as he talks about gender stereotypes and the struggles of dating in his inclusive stand-up performance. His casual and relaxed manner makes it feel like a group of friends hanging out at a bar and sharing stories. So buy some tickets, grab a drink and sit down for an hour of laughs.