Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Isabelle de Casamajor | 05 February 2022

The first performer, Nick who was already cracking for laughs before he even started his set, started straight with his sound effects, he went through all kind of noises, trucks, planes, with Dad jokes along the way. And this guy can sing too, irreverent tune though, about killing an Australian icon. He even managed to play “didgeridoo” with a poly pipe, that was impressive.

This was a good warm up for Simon Mujabi.

Simon, originally from Uganda, has been living in Perth for few year and calls Australia home. He made, from his country of origin, the foundation for his show and poked fun of all the good things he found in Australia. This led to one of Simon’s insights of the night, that Omicron coming out of Africa was clearly a conspiracy. As Simon told it, COVID-19 came from a place where the people ate everything. Omicron could not have come from Africa, because the people there had nothing to eat at all!

His performance relied a lot on interaction with the public, which being so limited, meant he had to cope with us - which was not always easy. I must admit his questions were a bit too broad to generate easy straight answers. Despite some lack of responsiveness at times, he still had a lot to say and to make fun about. He also used his “brother” in the audience as a scapegoat for a joke or two.

He went on a bit too much about the flaws of Africa and did not go over the stereotypes, this is a shame. The show would have benefited from more genuine storytelling.

This show was not the highlight of FRINGE WORLD festival, nevertheless Simon's good nature and friendliness made sure we had a fun time.