Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Keiran Trembath | 04 February 2022

CeCe Desist’s Extraordinary Cabaret brings a cabaret performance worthy of a Las Vegas stage to Connections Nightclub with an incredible group of musicians and guest performers. 

CeCe Desist’s brings to the Connections stage a live band made up of the talented Jonathan Chen, Brad Swope, Benn Hodgkin, Peter Evans, Kieran Hurley, and the pianist and musical director Mike Nelson. 

The live band was joined by the incredible CeCe Desist, and guest stared Perth drag performer Liberty Genre and the mesmerising Malaika Moon. This performance wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of the two talented showgirls - Mellogamy Muse and Cosmo Enchantee - who graced the stage and amplified the extraordinary cabaret with their humorous take and stage personas.  

Every song that CeCe Desist performed could be summed into one word: perfection! From the costume changes to the comedic timing and audience engagement, everything about this production was incredible. The cast and the musicians should be held in high regard as the incredible team utilised the Connections Nightclub stage to its fullest extent. 

CeCe Desist’s vocal talent and Mike Nelson’s musical talents should also be commended. Altering certain songs to fit voice ranges can be difficult but CeCe and Mike Nelson work together in such a positive way, each song chosen was specifically engineered for CeCe to ‘kick them out of the park’.

Something that I personally enjoy in theatre/cabaret/burlesque/drag performances (there’s a lot) is seeing that the performers themselves are enjoying the show that they are putting on for the audience. And that is something that CeCe Desist’s Extraordinary Cabaret brings and slaps in your face as you can see the incredible live band smiling and enjoying themselves as CeCe struts their stuff. 

The audience’s response to the final number was one of sadness as they realised that the show stopping performance before them was coming to an end. I give this performance five stars out of fives and cannot wait to see what else CeCe Desist and the incredible live band can bring the stage next time!