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Recycle that, would see again
Recycle that, would see again
Greatest of all time
Greatest of all time
Laughed so hard I cried
Laughed so hard I cried
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Greatest of all time
“Greatest of all time”
Amazing show!
Reviewed by Sally Y.
15 June 2022
Recycle that, would see again
“Recycle that, would see again”
Entertaining, logic-defying, and grabbed my attention from start to end. Well done!
Reviewed by Lincoln A.
14 February 2022
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Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Kirra Webb | 30 January 2022

It’s one thing to see magic on TV, but seeing it in real life just takes things to another level of mystery entirely! Toby Z’s performance definitely puts the WOW in WOW, Magic! With traditional tricks performed alongside modern twists, this show is entertainment for all ages. Be warned, there’s lots of audience participation needed for some of the magic and you might end up one of the lucky volunteers. So, don’t be shy; join in and have some fun!

Prepare to be puzzled by the parlour-style magic illusions involving cards, coins, Rubik’s cubes and every other type of prop imaginable. WOW, Magic’s brilliance at times would leave the audience so flummoxed that they were stunned into silence, and at other times cheering with applause and laughter.

Being a bit of a Penn and Teller fan, I was quietly confident that I would figure out some of the tricks, but alas I got goose bumps and am still trying to wrap my head around the magic. I have absolutely no idea how he did it!

Toby Z paired his clever magic with humour and genuine interactions with the audience making us all feel like friends. Despite the occasional technical hiccup, he maintained his calm, professional manner and put on a great performance.

A great debut to FRINGE WORLD Festival, I can’t wait to see more of Toby Z’s magic in the future!