Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Steph Hale | 28 January 2022

Killing Rove is an unhinged, nostalgic, and brutal reflection on Australian media culture in the early 2000s. Part cult initiation, part Ukrainian improv, part character study on Perth’s greatest export; Killing Rove is a subversive fever dream that you don’t want to miss. 

Hilarious and satirical with a welcome sprinkling of political commentary, Killing Rove is everything you want from a Fringe show. Patrick Marlborough delivers what is frankly the most entertaining psychotic break that I’ve ever witnessed. A meme heavy and thoroughly entertaining hour of comedy with huge Charlie Day energy. Patrick performs with rambunctious charm never missing a beat.

Commanding and holding the attention of an audience as a stand-up is an incredible skill and one that Patrick certainly displayed. Their only respite came in the form of hilarious, short audio-visual interludes including a ‘documentary’ on Rove and a montage of iconic Australian television moments that unlocked some deeply buried memories. I couldn’t help but feel that we’ve lost something since the days of those 5 minute long infomercials for local bars that used to play before The Simpsons. Nothing particularly worthwhile, but something none the less.

Possibly the only fault in this show lies with me as I occasionally felt that I was not quick enough to catch a joke before the moment passed. This has however left me with the gift of entertainment long after the show finished. Patrick’s way with words and quick wit made my friend laugh to the point that after the show she required reassurance that she hadn’t been obnoxiously loud, and that her guffawing was definitely warranted.  

With slightly more Shrek porn than advertised and a cursed Peter Hellier deepfake, Killing Rove is a disturbing love letter that needs to be seen to be believed.