Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Emily Siggs | 22 January 2022

Matt Hale has done it again. Bringing the beats, he helped the audience tune in to their own happy chemicals and had us grooving like no-one was watching. With state-of-the-art visuals that ranged from calming to energetic and psychedelic, and a banger soundtrack of house music, the vibe was one of a trippy hippy rave party in all the best ways. I had shivers down my spine, I spontaneously visualised myself growing wings, and the whole room seemed to rock back and forth gently. No matter what sensations I felt, I had this massive smile on my face.

At the start, everyone seemed self-consciousness. Matt’s guided meditation soon made us all feel comfortable to vibe together without worrying about what we looked like, and there was a strong sense of togetherness in the crowd. Matt’s focus on making us feel joy, being thankful for the people we love and striving to achieve our goals made this night out not only fun, but healthy and productive. Matt has been DJing and hypnotising (separately) for years now, and it certainly shows. He’s only just beginning to fuse the two.

To best enjoy this show, you need to come ready to dance with an open mind. You need to concentrate on the suggestions, and ignore any other thoughts that pop up, such as ‘what if I look silly?’ or ‘am I doing this right?’. You are doing it right! There’s no wrong way to enjoy the Clubnosis Experience. Just trust that you’re in the hands of an expert, and jive the night away.

Matt Hale will make you feel all sorts of things during the rave – elated, thoughtful, thankful, determined, and uplifted. You might feel the need to tap your feet, bop your head or put your hands in the air, and you might feel lightness in your body and heaviness in your eyelids – and perhaps things you can’t quite describe. But whatever you feel, it’s going to be good. So do yourself a favour and come to Clubnosis, the most unusual club in town.