Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Veronica Snell | 16 January 2022

The best thigh-slapping, cackling laugh of a time I’ve ever had.

Grab your mates, escape the kids & take the in-laws out to mend that Christmas Day faux-par you caused when you burnt the turkey, use it as an ice breaker by taking the plunge on that awkward first date with your ‘Tinderella’ & forget the troubles of the world, when you dive headfirst into this 2 hour laugh out loud comedy fest!

Forget the gym for the day - your abs will get that workout from stitch inducing stomach grabbing laughter; it’s dad jokes, sex education meets David Attenborough talking buttholes plus much much more!

Millennials & Gen Z are afforded the privilege of understanding it all, but the baby boomers may need a few translations after the show if you can manage it between laughing & reaching for the asthma puffer.

Something for everyone, each comedic genius delivers a good time with hilarious moments that give meaning to the acronym “LOL”, reminding us that laughter is what we need more of especially at the moment.

The 15 minute sets will leave you wanting more from each comedic artesian & have you wondering when their Netflix specials are being released, whilst diving into the FRINGE WORLD app after the show for tickets to see where their next shows may be.

Each comic is different & unique in the delivery of their craft of choice but equally hilarious in this buffet for the soul.

Take my advice steal your grannies adult diapers your pelvic floor just might give from all those “LOL” moments & tell your boss it’s not Covid-19 thats caused you to loose your voice or have a gravelly tone, it was the riot of a time you had basking in the humour provided by 6 of the best comics you’ll ever see live.

Andrew Silverwood is the antidote we need and laughter really is the best medicine - Jasky’s dad said so.