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Recycle that, would see again
Recycle that, would see again
Not my cup of tea
Not my cup of tea
Greatest of all time
Greatest of all time
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Recycle that, would see again
“Recycle that, would see again”
Yummy pairings of wine and chocolate. Would quite happily do this every Fringe.
Reviewed by Phoebe D.
08 February 2022
Not my cup of tea
“Not my cup of tea”
Ran for about 40 minutes, def not an hour as advertised. Huge line of people outside waiting. Really odd to be seated in front of a stage having chocolates and wines awkwardly brought to you Worth $60? Not sure. Needs a bit of polish to be charging that amount, maybe, I don't know, a table for people to sit at like any other wine tasting event you've ever been to... Fringe don't allow space for proper reviews :(
Reviewed by Ben C.
04 February 2022
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Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Giorgia Beasley | 16 January 2022

Ready for a choco-lot of fun?

If you’re looking to add something a bit different to your Fringe program this year, the Chocolate and Wine Masterclass is definitely for you.

As the title suggests, this is less of a show, and much more of an experience. Over a fun-filled hour, the experts from the Margaret River Chocolate Factory will guide you through a generous selection of their finest chocolates, expertly paired with their WA made wines.

Compared to the raucous laughter and frivolity Fringe fans are used to from the Spiegeltents, the Chocolate and Wine Master Class provides a very relaxed, more low-key avenue for getting into the Fringe spirit. From a group of friends celebrating a 50th birthday, to a family catching up, the audience was thrilled to be simultaneously enjoying a show and having the opportunity to socialise between drinks.

From applause for a salted caramel truffle (before it was even-handed out) to oohs and ahhs for a Cabernet Sauvignon made by one of the company owners and dedicated to his son, the Masterclass was a memorably wholesome experience and a total crowd-pleaser.

Although firmly fitting the 5pm time slot, at times the mellow vibes could have been picked up just a notch or two. Maybe just some fun music or someone to welcome the audience at the beginning would have gone a long way toward giving the dark nightclub a quintessential Fringe Festival feel.

Truly this is a very small complaint, in the scheme of what was a very well thought out and informative journey through one of WA’s most iconic brand’s best products.

With lots of sessions left to go and a nice early time slot, this is the perfect way to kick off a Fringe binge.