Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Alana Kildea | 14 February 2021

If Derek Zoolander starred in an overly macho 80’s action film, MAN-BO would be the result. MAN-BO offers audiences an action-packed one-man show that will have you laughing the entire time.

The plot follows Mr Man-Bo, a former American war hero and the greatest combat agent to have ever lived. Upon discovering that a friend is in danger, Mr Man-Bo, who had left his life of violence behind him, is thrust into a mission of warfare once again (and yes, there will be thrusting).

In one swift and energetic show, artist, Sam Dugmore, breaks down the toxic masculinity of 80’s action films and simultaneously fosters an appreciation of how ridiculous that era really was.

In MAN-BO, everyone has a role to play. The audience was enthusiastic and actively engaged with the show, whether they played the villain, died in battle, or answered Mr Man-Bo’s questions that bordered on an existential crisis. This engagement is a true testament to Dugmore’s ability to sculpt an energetic audience. Throughout the show, Dugmore consistently breaks the fourth wall to provide commentary, quips and instruction. This technique was not only joyously captivating, but established from the start that the audience need not take themselves too seriously.

Dugmore was spectacularly engaging. MAN-BO not only showcases his training in physical theatre, but provides him with a platform to flaunt his versatility, talent and creativity. It was a real pleasure to see an artist dive into the vulnerability of a one-man show and absolutely nail it.

Peppered with musical interludes, silly props and just a hint of romance, MAN-BO is a whole lot of camp and every bit entertaining. The comedy is sharp and clever, and will certainly be anyone’s cup of tea. If you are going to see this show, in the words of Mr Man-Bo, “this is going to be epic”.