The Last Five Years

Scaled last five years small 800 x 800

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  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language

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Scaled last five years small 800 x 800

About this event

Cathy and Jamie's relationship has lasted five years. As the story begins, Cathy is at the end of the relationship while Jamie is at the beginning. With inter-cutting scenes, we watch Jamie move forward in time as Cathy moves backward

THE TWIST - Imagine this production done in two completely different ways with two directors, two musical directors, two casts, and two bands. Every production team brings something special and unique to a show. Presenting both alongside each other will showcase how one show can be portrayed in two very individual and unique ways.

Blue Team Sessions
24 Jan @ 6:30pm
25 Jan @ 4:00pm
25 Jan @ 9:00pm
31 Jan @ 9:00pm
1 Feb @ 6:30pm
2 Feb @ 2:00pm

Red Team Sessions
24 Jan @ 9:00pm
25 Jan @ 6:30pm
31 Jan @ 6:30pm
1 Feb @ 4:00pm
1 Feb @ 9:00pm
2 Feb @ 4:30pm

Presented by:
Art in Motion Theatre Company Inc (AIM)

AIM (Art in Motion) are a community theatre company performing at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, Thornlie WA. They were formed by a group of like minded individuals aiming to bring back the FUN of community theatre.

Participation in community theatre brings with it an immediate social circle, and all the benefits that such group endeavours can provide. Community theatre is a team effort affording opportunity for people of all talents, skills and energy.

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