The Big Dark

Theatre / Puppetry
Scaled productionfw
This house on this ordinary street in this ordinary suburb in this extraordinary universe exists as it always has. Until now. Until the sun fades away, the lights splutter out, and you are left alone in the dark. Janet just wants to sleep, just wants this restless cacophony of thoughts and anxieties to transform into peaceful slumber. Instead, she is thrown into a surreal, nightmarish world, full of self-destructive body parts and cold tea.

An experimental new work from some of Perth's most exciting emerging creatives, The Big Dark combines object puppetry, comedy, and body horror. It explores ideas of reality, fear, and lack of control, in a tiny dystopia made out of cupboards. So switch off your nightlight, coax the monster out from under the bed, and join Janet in the big, big dark.

Presented by:
The Blue Room Theatre

Rhiannon Petersen is a Perth theatre maker and lighting designer. Rhiannon completed a BA in Performance Studies at Curtin University in 2015. She has worked on many shows at The Blue Room Theatre including Tissue (Samantha Maclean + Timothy Green, 2016), Interrupting a Crisis (Ribs, 2017) and Arteries by Ancestry (FUGUE, 2017) as a lighting designer; and Ode to Man (2017) and The One (2017) as a stage manager. In 2016 she was a FirstHand artist with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, and part of Propel Youth Arts’ Hive Ensemble. She is currently developing a new work for Midnite Theatre Company which will be toured internationally in 2018, and recently participated in ATYP’s 2017 National Studio.


The Main Space at The Blue Room Theatre

53 James Street, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, WA, 6003