Sax Rockers: ON FIRE!

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Duration: 60 min

Performance accessibility

  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language
  • High Audio Content

1 Venue

The Sewing Room

317 Murray Street, Perth, WA, 6000

Check the COVID Safe page on our website for vaccination requirements. Minors cannot attend this show at this venue.

Suitability and warnings: PG

Coarse Language:


Other Warnings:

Loud Noises, Smoke Effects, Strobe Lighting

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Medium

Something for almost everyone. Not too naughty, not too nice. These shows mightn’t be ideal for the little’uns.

About this event

Perth's favourite head-bangin' mullet-wearin' sax-totin' rock'n'rollin' 10-piece is back... And things are heating up! Join the Award-Winning Perth Sax Rockers for a night packed full of rock classics and epic horn-based bangers... with a twist! This collection of Perth’s most hardcore musicians is loud, fun, and guaranteed to get you up singing, dancing, groovin' and shakin' all night long! 'Sax Rockers: On Fire!' Will bring you Perth's most burnin' solos, flamin' guitar riffs, hottest musicians and a whole heap of spicy moves. Come get sweaty!

"sixty minutes of ridiculously contagious fun" - ★★★★★ Perth Happenings, 2021

Presented by:
Erin Royer

Erin Royer, also known as Royer the Destroyer, is the fearless leader of Perth Sax Rockers. Royer is a Yamaha endorsed saxophonist and repairer from Perth, Western Australia. Royer is the Head of Saxophone at the University of Western Australia and is passionate about sharing her passion for music. Her award winning ensemble Perth Sax Rockers has been a passion project for many years. The group of local musicians comprise of 9 saxophonists and 1 drummer and are taking stages by storm with their drive for entertainment, energy, comedy and epic rock on roll classics and arrangements.

Fringefeed reviews

  • For a raw and rocking good time, Sax Rockers brings brass with a ‘kick yo arse’ attitude. – Fringefeed
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Greatest of all time
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Recycle that, would see again
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No idea what I just saw
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Not my cup of tea
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Sexy fringe show
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Emotional roller-coaster
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Laughed so hard I cried
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