Pirates!! On The Seven Seas

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This is a largely improvised show which builds upon the children's own input. We try to give each audience what it wants and so the level of language/violence will vary accordingly

Scaled online program2

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Pirate Captains Boots and Redbeard return to FRINGE WORLD 2018 and they need a crew! Join the loveable pirate duo for another fun-filled quest for treasure. Hoist the sails, climb the mast and shoot the cannon, where will the adventure go next? let your imagination guide you. Pirates!! is a choose-your-own adventure story where the audience become the crew. Tie on a bandanna and set sail on the high seas, the only limits on this adventure are what you can dream up next as the Pirates!! search for the treasure. Sword-fights and scallywags abound suitable for ages 4-12 and of course parents are welcome to join in too!

Nominated; Best Children's Event, FRINGE WORLD 2017.

"Both my daughter aged 6 and I laughed ourselves silly with the Fringe Pirates." ★★★★★ Glenn B Swift

This performance is Pay-as-you-Feel

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The Wind Wanderer

Alex (Captain Redbeard) is a classically trained cellist with a passion for improvisation. He has been a member of the medieval reenactment group The Grey Company since 2009 and regularly performs with them throughout the year. A pirate at heart for as long as he can remember, he enjoys setting Redbeard free and entertaining audiences each and every opportunity he can, keep an eye out for him this FRINGE WORLD

Jesse (Captain Boots) has been leading imaginary adventures for most of his life and began his professional career as a storyteller in 2006. Over the last 10 years he's performed at schools, libraries, parties and festivals, toured to regional WA and Jakarta, and had stories filmed by the Department of Education to make into teaching and learning materials.

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