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Mental Health

Scaled fringe main

About this event

Imaginaerial is a contemporary circus production that draws on neuroplasticity studies to present an imagined reality of how our minds could function. Be dazzled by aerial and acrobatic feats, mixed with raw emotion, tender moments and upbeat grooves that will have you bopping along in your seats.

In contemporary society we hurry around in a future-driven, sleep-deprived state. What does this constant state of stress do to our mental and physical health and how can we better monitor our nervous system to improve our well-being? Imaginaerial delves into the daily struggle and applies what evidence-based research deems to be beneficial and detrimental to our brain health.

This production seeks to take a fresh perspective on human functioning, which looks at the same things differently. Presented an a satirical, quirky manner with serious undertones.

Presented by:
Kaleido Company

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