Down Rebound

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Duration: 45 min

Performance accessibility

  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language
  • High Visual Content

1 Venue

The Gold Digger at Girls School

2 Wellington St, Perth, WA, 6004

Minors can only attend this show at this venue with a parent or legal guardian. Check the COVID Safe page on our website for vaccination requirements.

Suitability and warnings: PG

Coarse Language:


Other Warnings:

Sexual References

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Medium

Something for almost everyone. Not too naughty, not too nice. These shows mightn’t be ideal for the little’uns.

About this event

Down Rebound offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of circus life and the trials and tribulations involved in getting something onto the stage.

Featuring acrobatics, aerial rope, and juggling, this uplifting piece of contemporary circus touches on themes of support and friendship, mental health, trust, and fear and explores our relationships and the way we connect and interact with each other. 

Building on the shorter piece presented in Le Double Bill in FRINGE WORLD 2021, Down Rebound returns this year as a full-length show of its own.

-- Audience Reactions for Le Double Bill --

"If strength and stamina won awards, these guys would win them all..." 

"Adore the vulnerability that Simon and Ben show. You leave not only amazed by their talent but a little in love with them too."



Presented by:

Acrobatch strives to bring honest and entertaining circus experiences to audiences and communities. Founded by two Perth local artists, Ben Kotovski-Steele and Simon Wood, Acrobatch started out as a casual collaboration between friends which developed and grew over 2020 and 2021. This friendship is the foundation for any production or shows that Acrobatch creates and develops.

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Greatest of all time
Greatest of all time
Recycle that, would see again
Recycle that, would see again
No idea what I just saw
No idea what I just saw
Not my cup of tea
Not my cup of tea
Sexy fringe show
Sexy fringe show
Emotional roller-coaster
Emotional roller-coaster
Laughed so hard I cried
Laughed so hard I cried
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