Winefulness : Tash York

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Mental Health, Sexual References

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About this event

Have you transcended your previous self?
No, neither has Tash York, but it seems that despite not being quite as destructive as her early 20s wine-fuelled self she still has a very close relationship with wine.

Join award-winning internationally touring cabaret artist Tash York as she takes you through an hour of acknowledging one's feelings about getting older, practicing yoga hungover, owning cats and drinking wine without judgement. And yes, she can still confirm that : these things take wine!

Come and practice your winefulness. Namaste.

★★★★★ "Courageous & charismatic" - Theatre People

WINNER Best Cabaret Award Fringe at the Edge of the World 2019
WINNER Best Cabaret Weekly Award: Adelaide Fringe 2018
WINNER Best Runner Up Cabaret Award Fringe WORLD 2016

Presented by:
Big Hair Productions

Big Hair Productions is solely based around the work of Tash York. Starting her cabaret career in 2014 she performed her first work in venues that were no bigger than a lounge room with a lighting desk. Her first solo show "These Things Take Wine" went from a 30 seat venue to touring every major fringe festival in Australia. Big Hair Productions formally known as NY Entertainment has produced “These Things Take Wine”, “Adult Fairy Party”, “The Desperettes: A guide to being a wingman”, “Adulting" and "Badass". Big Hair Productions is run and funded directly by Tash herself and as a result her skill set includes creating marketing campaigns, writing and distributing press, organising photo shoots, photoshop design, creating online content and has even written in third person.

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