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Scaled thelittlehoo haa web

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Interactive, engaging and hilarious, The Little HOO-HAA! is big laughs for little people! Come and see improvised comedy at its finest, funnest* and funniest as we use audience suggestions to create spontaneous stories, sketches and silliness. After 18 years of providing Perth adults with improv comedy we decided it was time to give the kids aged 6-66 a turn.

Two teams of comedians go head-to-head in a battle of wits and comedy kerfuffle. Songs, sketches and slapstick are all part of the fun as we think quick and you laugh hard. You vote on your favourite team and decide the winner of this purely delightful, unabashedly enjoyable show. If you’re looking for a fun family-friendly Fringe event then this is it - mums and dads will enjoy it just as much as the young ones!

*Totes made-up word

Presented by:
The Big HOO-HAA! & Lazy Susan's Comedy Den

The Little HOO-HAA! is the latest offering from Perth’s premier improv comedy show The Big HOO-HAA!

For the past 18 years The Big HOO-HAA! has been entertaining audiences with their quick wit, hilarious physical comedy and superb spontaneous storytelling skills. Part theatre, part stand-up and all laugh out loud comedy, this is a show that deserves its cult-like following. 

Using audience suggestions and voting makes The Big HOO-HAA! a unique comedy experience. After establishing themselves in Perth, The Big HOO-HAA! franchised to Melbourne in 2010 where they now perform weekly at the iconic Butterfly Club.

Perth improv legends, Melbourne comedy stalwarts and international special guests will form the line-up for The Little HOO-HAA! @ FRINGE WORLD 2020.

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