Stay Loyal To The Royals: Make Your Markle!

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“Meghan, can you handle this? Kate, can you handle this? Camila, can you handle this? I don’t think you can handle this!”

Burnt out after 68 years of royal duties, Her Majesty the Queen is toying with the idea of retirement, but who will take her place as everyone's favourite Royal? Join Her Majesty as she undertakes the rigorous process of elimination to discover which Royal will become the next Queen of the People!

WARNING - This show may not be suitable for persons with aversions to phat beats, powerful women or any other medical condition.

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Founded in London in 2008, KinkyFish is a community of international creatives dedicated to collaborative, innovative theatre-making and the provision of a platform for emerging writers, regularly premiering new writing to sell-out audiences at theatre spaces and arts festivals across the UK. In 2018 KinkyFish celebrated their tenth anniversary, attributing their ongoing success and sustainability to the unique cultural and creative perspectives of the contributing members within their evolving collective. KinkyFish continue to strengthen their brand and reputation in Edinburgh, making their fourth fringe festival appearance in 2019, as well as introducing KinkyFish Improv Jam nights and workshops to develop and nurture the local improv community in Edinburgh.

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