Phoebe's Fond Farewells: Everything you wanted to know about Funeral Songs but were afraid to ask!

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Phoebe is not your average funeral singer. For one thing, she is considered too young. For another, she wants to put her stamp on funerals. Phoebe says "Death is sad, but it doesn't have to be boring", "Songs can unite people in grief like nothing else." Unlike glamorous wedding singers, funeral singers are overlooked in status, media and movies. Phoebe is addressing this oversight with her funeral-themed cabaret.

Join Phoebe in her search for songs to provide intimate, personalised funerals and explore with her the lows and highs of grieving in song. Let Phoebe's delightful singing demonstrate how song can string souls together. She will take you on a songful journey to help you find your perfect funeral repertoire -- literally a funeral to die for.

Presented by:
Phoebe Deklerk

A classically trained soprano, Phoebe has been singing solos on stage since childhood. Phoebe is passionate about all types of vocals and using singing to empower and bring communities together.

Since finishing her tertiary studies in music in 2017, Phoebe has contributed to Melbourne’s music scene by producing concerts with other emerging artists, singing at funerals and weddings, and running community choirs.
She has recently been awarded a Creativity Australia With One Voice grant for a community choir in Coburg, VIC.

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