What Did You Expect?

Cabaret / Music
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Kiara, the 'elusive third Macri' is doing a show; what did you expect? In her FRINGE WORLD debut, she'll be performing the songs you all know and love... with a twist. Changing either the style or the subtext, Kiara will unlock the drama in a way only she knows how. What if pop music's greatest hits were emotional ballads? Can Disney be dirty? Does a little subtext go a long way? Let's find out.

Presented by:
Kiara Macri

The sister of comedian Nicola Macri and Burlesque artist Alysha Macri, Kiara is genetically obligated to take to the stage. A songstress, a story teller, an attention seeker; Kiara's expertise in musical theatre, a flair for drama and a passion for entertainment guarantees a good time.


The Ellington Jazz Club

191 Beaufort Street, Northbridge, WA, 6000