Tomás Ford: BRAWL

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Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

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Heavily effected video projections (not suitable for some patrons with epilepsy)

Scaled sq   electric

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Tomas Ford reanimates his most notorious, controversial punk techno cabaret material. Built over a decade of touring in filthy punk pubs, the Big Day Out's Lilyworld and 3am slots in sweaty fetish clubs, this show features his most extreme and best-loved material in an hour-long, hilarious full-scale panic attack. If you have fond memories of Tomas from gigs at the Hydey, or never got to see him in his full punk rock splendour, this is the show to see. This will be loud and weird. "What sort of person creates a show as deranged as this? What kind of person am I to be enjoying it?" ★★★★★ - ThreeWeeks
Appearing as part of Tomas Ford's The Fxxk Yxu: a tightly curated fistful of only-at-the-fringe thrill rides from around the world smashing the Rosemount Hotel's Four5Nine from Jan 26 - Feb 11.

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Slam a couple of tequilas for bravery, hyperventilate your fears into a paper bag and steel yourself. The Fxxk Yxu is hitting Fringe World. Perth alt-cabaret demon Tomás Ford has travelled the world to find the most intense lineup of Fringe thrills ever seen. We’re talking in-yer-face comedy, brain-breaking theatre, bone crushing cabaret and the kind of adrenaline rushes that will have you addicted for its run from January 26 through February 11 at Rosemount Hotel’s music industry haunt Four5Nine.

Looking for a night of light entertainment? The Fxxk Yxu isn’t for you. But if you want to be knocked out by something you’ll be talking about for months, come spend some time in the belly of our beast. Enter through the Rosemount Hotel beer garden and follow the signs to The Fxxk Yxu.

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