Tim Foil Hat ... my life and other conspiracies

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The Basement at The Stables

888 Hay St, Perth, WA, 6000

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About this event

Ever REALLY thought about evolution? ... or if the moon landing actually happened? I have. I had all year to do it .... on the dole!

AY! I ain't a dole bludger man!!! I lost my chefing job during COVID ... speaking of COVID! I don't trust Bill Gates. The DUDE is SUSPICIOUS!!!!! Seriously he looks like, what a reptile alien would look like ... if it just pulled human skin over its face and just started trying to inject everyone with whatever it found around the saucer.

Hopefully, Tim Foil Hat is a positive and refreshing perspective on the world, from one of the best up and coming Perth comedians, during a time where we've all had a little too much negativity.

"Tim Kershaw is the smartest dumb man you will ever meet ... but he makes you think" - Everybody I've ever talked to.

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Tim Kershaw

Tim Kershaw is 35, divorced, had a 15-year career as a fine-dining chef, an Argentinian son that only speaks Spanish, and is one of the BEST UP AND COMING COMEDIANS from Perth. Already a well-traveled comic with stints at previous Perth Fringes, The Melbourne Comedy Festival, and touring Australia as a part of The Flannel Panel this guy has it ... unique, interesting, hilarious, dumb. He's got it all.

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