The World According To Farts and Other Extraordinary Sounds of the Human Body

Children's Events / Cabaret
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Christa Hughes finds the human body and ALL its sounds absolutely fascinating. She loves the facts almost as much as she loves to laugh.

Her powerful voice and dramatic stage persona mixed with her cheekiness and irreverence have always guaranteed her shows never fail to entertain. Apart from learning a few things about the human body, children will enjoy the songs, music and true wonder that the sounds of the human body create. From creaking bones to sneezing nose, the scary and the hilarious.

From farts to burps, laughs of happiness and yelps of glee...

Written and Performed by Christa Hughes (Candy Box) and Jim Dunlop (Club Swizzle)

Presented by:
Christa Hughes

Christa Hughes (Machine Gun Felatio, Circus Oz) is a Blues Belter, Vaudeville Vamp, Rock 'n' Roll Ratbag, Cabaret Conjurer, Burlesque Babe, Circus Run Away, Raucous Ring Mistress, Opera Tramp and Larrikin of the Loudest Order…


Casa Mondo at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Russell Square, James St, Northbridge, WA, 6003