The Fairy Queen

Scaled the faerie queen

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Scaled the faerie queen

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Faeries, magic, mythical creatures come on a sensory journey to the faerie realm with ZDC - The Faerie Queen Belladonna, guardian of her niece Violet, perceives her as a threat sending her away. In Belladonna's lust for power, she corrupts the faerie magic, and twists it into something dark and cruel as the tale unfolds, is the faerie magic saved?

This special community theatrical project also welcomes local children as performers to study and learn along side the seasoned ZDC performers gifting the opportunity of not only performing, but enjoying a full workshop experience including set design costuming and more...

Luke Heath the writer is a local Midland playwright and author with many upcoming projects one being the finalisation and release of the 1st book in his fantasy series.

Presented by:
Zahara Dance Company

ZDC Incorporates many world styles for example Middle Eastern Dance, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Greek plus more...From time to time cameo or fusion performances may feature some of the very high caliber cultural performers in WA.

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