Thank You Driver

Comedy / Cabaret
Scaled thankyou driver
What has six wheels, goes 'toot' and carries a hell-of-a lot of crazy? That's right. Buses are more than just a means of transport...

Real-life bus driver, Nick Hasemann, lifts the lid on the utterly odd and hilarious journeys of a public transport bus. With characters, clowning and a bit of the insane, it's a comedy show like no other!

Presented by:
Nicholas Hasemann

Nick Hasemann (Happy To Be An Idiot) is a Brisbane born, Sydney based performer. A graduate of NIDA's Bachelor of Performing Arts (Acting) and an École de Philippe Gaulier trained Idiot (Clown).


The Loungeroom at The Moon

2/323 William Street, Northbridge, WA, 6003