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Stellar Lounge Stories - Writing Our Way Back Home

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Ever heard a song and wondered what the real story behind it was? Good songwriters make music that tells universal stories, that their audiences can truly relate to and make their own. But like many works of art, these stories often emanate from the deepest, darkest places in a songwriter's mind, and have a deeply personal meaning as well.

Join us for an evening of songwriting stripped bare where we will unpack the raw passion and emotion that culminated in Mama Red & the Dark Blues' debut album, The Wages of Sin -- and the new upcoming album, Long Way to Redemption.

Come and hear our stories, and you might just find your own.

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Mama Red & the Dark Blues and Subi-Licious

Mama Red & the Dark Blues will take listeners on a musical journey to Hades via Lost Love Canyon, Near Miss Alley and Shotgun Street – and bring them out feeling like they’ve ridden a thousand miles on a horse named Sorrow, but lived to tell the tale.

Described as alt-country blues meets new folk, but messing with genres, gender stereotypes and refusing to be stylistically confined, the band’s eclecticism and originality is part of their charm.

Mama Red & the Dark Blues sing straight to the hearts of those who have wrestled with rotten relationships, waded through self-doubt and addiction and who have come out the other side with grace, power and a universal story to share.

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Stellar Lounge at Subiaco Hotel

465 Hay St , Subiaco, WA, 6008


Stellar Lounge at Subiaco Hotel

465 Hay St , Subiaco, WA, 6008

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