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The Basement at The Stables Bar

888 Hay Street, Perth, WA, 6000

Minors can only attend this show at this venue with a parent or legal guardian.

Suitability and warnings: PG

Other Warnings:

Loud Noises, Sexual References

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Medium

Something for almost everyone. Not too naughty, not too nice. These shows mightn’t be ideal for the little’uns.

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About this event

At what moment in your life were you required to speak up? Did your housemate not flush his poo? Or did a bus ignore a red light and almost end your budding life, ignorant to the fact that you didn't even have clean underwear on?

Public speaking is a skill and speaking in public is to embody an alter ego, let's say Angelina Jolie in Tomb Radar. Be a leader representing a group of people who require your guidance, what motivational speech would you deliver for the greater good? Speak up and step up. Choose a power suit.

'SPEECH!' is for the audience, that may or may not listen.

Presented by:
SYNDICATE Performance

SYNDICATE Performance is a performance collective made up of emerging independent dance artists based in Perth, Western Australia. We create multifaceted dance theatre works that seek to engage, enlighten and entertain a broad spectrum of audiences. We are open minded and inclusive, seeking to collaborate with artists of many disciplines. Our interests centre on relevant cultural issues, and exploring the human condition based on experience.

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