Sideshow Femmes presents: Candy Shoppe

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Ticket prices: $35.00 to $50.00

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$35.00 to $50.00

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$40.00 to $45.00

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$35.00 to $40.00

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$25.00 to $32.50

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Duration: 60 min

Performance accessibility

  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language
  • Aural Rating
  • Visual Rating

1 Venue

The Royale Theatre at Planet Royale

12 Lake St, Northbridge, WA, 6003

Minors cannot attend this show.

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

Coarse Language:




Other Warnings:

Loud Noises, Smoke Effects, Strobe Lighting

Please note:

This show features Sideshow Stunts performed by trained professionals, including: power tools, aerials, staples, sword-swallowing, whipcracking, fire & much much more!

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Very Hot

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About this event

The Candy Shoppe: the sweetest & sassiest sideshow, burlesque & variety show at FRINGE WORLD!

Indulge your senses as our all-femme presenting cast takes you on a delectable journey of spellbinding feats! With daring aerials, mind-bending contortions, & feats of strength that will leave you breathless. 

Whether you're a lover of spectacle or a connoisseur of all things risqué, there's something for everyone's palate! Satisfy your sweet tooth for entertainment & immerse yourself in an unforgettable night of unapologetic self-expression & boundary pushing stunts where burlesque & freakshow meet, fantasies come alive, & the wildest of dreams can become reality!

"A Spellbinding display of inventiveness & creation" ★★★★★ Out In Perth, 2023
"Deviant debauchery at its finest" ★★★★★ Glam Adelaide, 2023

Presented by:
Sideshow Femmes

Creator & Producer Scarlet Tinkabelle created Sideshow Femmes as a means to bring femme presenting Sideshow Artists to the forefront of the stage and have a show entirely made for them. Often we are the novelty act in a variety show, or out-chosen by our masc counterparts. This show is all about us Femmes and how dangerously weird and quirky we can take things.
The show premiered at FRINGE WORLD Perth 2020 (right before lockdown!) and has traveled around Australia ever since sharing a variety of femme sideshow artists and their skills to all kinds of audiences.

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