Sex Toy Story

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Duration: 60 min

2 Venues

Mezzanine Bar at Cheeky Sparrow

317 Murray St, Perth, WA, 6000

Check the COVID Safe page on our website for vaccination requirements. Minors cannot attend this show.

Rubix Bar

334 Murray St, Perth, WA, 6000

Check the COVID Safe page on our website for vaccination requirements. Minors cannot attend this show.

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

Coarse Language:


Other Warnings:

Sex Scenes, Sexual References

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Very Hot

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About this event

A satirical retelling of your beloved childhood classic, Sex Toy Story follows Andy, a precocious young man who enjoys spending time alone in his university dorm room with a variety of 'toys'. Little does Andy know that when he’s not around, his sex toys come to life! Just like the original story, a rivalry develops between favourite toy, Woody, and newly-bought interloper, Buzz. Packed with comedy and reimagined (but charming) characters, this performance follows Woody and Buzz’s rivalry as they compete for the limited room in Andy’s… heart. Sex Toy Story is the inaugural FRINGE WORLD show of the UWA Pantomime Society. The show is a tongue-in-cheek parody and while strictly adults only due to the subject matter, does not contain explicit depictions of sex - so even Nan will enjoy herself!

Presented by:
UWA Pantomime Society

The UWA Pantomime Society was formed in 2003 by two students from Bristol University on semester exchange. Founded on the primary principle of ‘fun’, Panto quickly became a staple of campus theatre culture.

Not to be confused with actual mime, pantomime is the distortion of well-known stories in unexpected, improvised, and innuendo-filled ways. The best part is that pantomime encourages interaction with those on stage. Heckles, catcalls, and generally unhelpful advice are incorporated into shows, often with hilarious results.

UWA Panto is all-inclusive, semi-improv, and regularly scheduled. We run three entirely original productions each year, one per semester and a Christmas charity show for children. Panto is excited to branch out by coming to FRINGE WORLD 2021 for the first time ever!

Fringefeed reviews

  • "Sex Toy Story is a great show for adults of all ages and can be enjoyed with anyone; family, friends, co-workers, even a first date... maybe." – Fringefeed
  • Highly recommended for immature audiences over the age of 18. – Fringefeed
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Greatest of all time
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Recycle that, would see again
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No idea what I just saw
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Not my cup of tea
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Sexy fringe show
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Emotional roller-coaster
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Laughed so hard I cried
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