Poms Die In Hot Cars

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Mint Nightclub

22 Lake St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

Minors cannot attend this show at this venue.

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

Coarse Language:


Other Warnings:

Sexual References

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Medium

Something for almost everyone. Not too naughty, not too nice. These shows mightn’t be ideal for the little’uns.

Scaled sam pic for gigs

About this event

Poms Die In Hot Cars is Sam Carrington’s new show, debuting at FRINGE WORLD in 2020.

It features Sam’s experiences getting engaged to a Perth girl, visiting Australia as a Pom, politics, religion, sport and more.

"Sam has his career mapped out in stand up comedy ★★★★" The Mirror, 2017.

Presented by:
Sam Carrington

An established UK act of around 1,000 gigs and a dozen festivals (including 3 full runs at the Edinburgh Fringe), Sam is excited to bring his new show to FRINGE WORLD 2020.

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