Scaled oprheus sq with tree
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Biology at Girls School

2 Wellington St, Perth WA 6004, Australia

Minors can only attend this show at this venue with a parent or legal guardian.

Suitability and warnings: All (General)

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Medium

Something for almost everyone. Not too naughty, not too nice. These shows mightn’t be ideal for the little’uns.

Scaled oprheus sq with tree

About this event

Internationally award winning modern re-telling of an ancient myth by "two masters of storytelling" (Fourth Wall, 2019).

Dave is single. He's stood at the bar.
Eurydice is a tree nymph, an ancient goddess.
And Bruce Springsteen is on the jukebox.

A tale of impossible, death defying love told through hair raising spoken word and soaring soul music.

The Flanagan Collective and Gobbledigook Theatre weave a world of dive bars, side streets and ancient gods.

"Charming, uplifting…simple storytelling at its finest." ★★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser, 2019

"Theatrical Magic. I laughed, I cried, I loved it.

" ★★★★★ Glam Adelaide, 2019 "A true gem of a show who's praise I want to sing from the rooftops" ★★★★★ Voice Mag, 2018

Purchase tickets to ORPHEUS and EURYDICE in one transaction to recieve discounted tickets.

Presented by:
The Flanagan Collective & Gobbledigook Theatre

The Flanagan Collective is an international award-winning cross-genre arts collective based in North Yorkshire, UK. Since 2011 The Flanagan Collective has been creating new opportunities for performers to test new work, form collaborations and embrace new models of theatre-making.

Gobbledigook Theatre: Started in 2010 by Producer Phil Grainger and Writer David Jarman, Gobbledigook have gained a reputation for their high energy, immersive theatre, both in community shows, and professional productions. In the last three years they have produced Alice in Wonderland (York Theatre Royal, 2015) and The Wind in the Willows (Bolton Abbey, 2016), as large-scale, outdoor promenade shows.

Fringefeed reviews energised by Woodside

  • "ORPHEUS is utterly charming. It’s a cozy, romantic tale made relevant by two masters of storytelling. It is so cleverly told and rendered contemporary that no-one batters an eyelid when Dave stands by the river Styx – his journey taking him to the Ancient Greek locales of mythology. Therein the magic lies. Magic is real – it exists in our ability to create entire worlds through story and song." - The Fourth Wall

  • "Wright, who appears to read his story from an old, leather book, has beautiful emotion spiced with humour and humanity. Grainger, full and gentle, accompanies the story softly on guitar with his sweet songs – and some karaoke thrown in for our pleasure." - Seesaw

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