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Scaled final

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In the 200th anniversary year of 'Frankenstein', this new play dives into the story behind the story; how an 18 year old woman, Mary Shelley, created one of the most recognisable and horrifying figures in western culture. Join us early for a lakeside picnic, as we recreate the haunting majesty of Lake Geneva in this site-specific production.

The Story:
In June of 1816, Romantic poet Percy Shelley and his lover Mary Godwin went on holiday to Lake Geneva, to visit the infamous Lord Byron during his self-imposed exile. However, the weather proved so bad during their stay that they were often confined to the house for days at a time. Looking for ways to entertain themselves, they decided to have a game to see who could write the scariest story. It was here that Frankenstein was born.

Presented by:
Brushstroke Productions

Brushstroke is a new, WA based theatre group, established to give creative opportunities to local artists. With a combination of beginner and experienced creatives on-board, our team is dedicated to bringing new and unique performances to Perth audiences.

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Session on Feb 17 will be a Relaxed Performance.