My Sight - Their Sight

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Three performers: Three blindfolds.

My Sight - Their Sight challenges three artists to perform with and without their vision. This award-winning company uses dance and circus to explore trust and power shifts as they navigate a changing space.

★★★★ "This trio blew past normal acrobatics, in an impressive show of dance, strength and acrobatics… with one catch – there were blindfolds." -'

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Winner of Best Emerging Producer - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017. Blindful is a creative outlet and artistic venture. It comes from being curious about highly physical disciplines and about sight. It is focused around eyesight and vision or it could be purely circus or dance. Blindful represents making dance and circus accessible to anyone and everyone. Entertaining those with disabilities and educating those without.
The company was created in 2015 in Belfast with support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and continues to work with all arts disciplines and is now based in Melbourne. Artistic Director Abbie Madden a dancer originally from Adelaide whose interest in dance and sight comes from being born with congenital glaucoma and living with the other conditions it resulted in.

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