Mick Neven: Killing It

Comedy / Stand Up
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Fresh from the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, Top Aussie Headline Act, Mick Neven returns to FRINGE WORLD with a brand new show. Kill your fears, kill your dumb ideas, kill the little voice in your head that says 'don't say that'. Mick has, and now he's Killing It. Life, death, equality, religion - nothing is off limits. "it's a Rollercoaster Wizard of a ride from Oz" International Times, 2017. "He delivers a performance with punch, humour and a heart" The Herald Sun, 2015

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Mick Neven

Mick Neven is a Stand Up Comedian. He has performed Stand Up Comedy for over 15 years and is a full-time professional. He's performed at Comedy Clubs in The US, Asia, The Middle East, the UK and in every State in Australia. He's very good. You will not be disappointed if you go and watch his show. Unless you're a thin-skinned crybaby who can't handle the thought of difficult ideas made funny for easier digestion. In which case - steer clear.


Roof Deck at The Court

50 Beaufort Street, Perth, WA, 6000