Mavis (And Other Broken Objects)

Cabaret / Musical Theatre
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"Don't feel bad for me. I think I'm, like, so pretty" -- Amy Schumer.

Mavis has one rule: she will not be seen in fluorescent lighting. Sorry, two: she doesn't do small talk the morning after.

Mavis goes through life like a Karate Kid -- in a leotard and living off of last night's kebab. Not even ISIS would claim responsibility for this disaster.

Set to a subpar score by Conor Neylon and Jackson Peele, and featuring a pitiful performance from Megan Hunter, Mavis (And Other Broken Objects) is a tragically comic cabaret about loving yourself... even when you probably shouldn't.

Raise a glass of sparkling rose -- or whatever's on special -- to the glamorous, glittering mess that is Mavis.

Warning: spectacular.

Presented by:
Megan Hunter

Megan Hunter is an emerging theatre maker and performer, and is a recent graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. She has trained under Lauren Langlois and Adam Marks of Chunky Move as well as co-founder of Kidd Pivot, Cindy Salgado. Megan is currently working with The Last Great Hunt on their 2018 season.

Conor Neylon and Jackson Peele are a composer & lyricist duo from Melbourne. They met last year at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts where they discovered a mutual love for creativity and decided to combine their talents for the greater good. Last year excerpts of their musical Beau Wants to be a Billionaire, were workshopped and performed by UMMTA as part of the Melbourne University MUDFEST Festival.


Downstairs at The Maj at His Majesty's Theatre

825 Hay Street, Perth CBD, WA, 6000