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  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language

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Suitability and warnings: PG

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Loud Noises, Mental Health, Sexual References, Strobe Lighting

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Audience Interaction

Scaled lonely mars hero 1.jpg

About this event

Performed in a staggering 8 languages, LONELY MARS tells of a group of pioneering women setting out to colonise the new world: Mars.

A prescient, multi-genre work looking at oppression and environmental destruction and the sacrifices we will make to ensure a better world.

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ART IN PROCESS work in a form they describe as EXISTENCE THEATRE. In recent years the artists have started to work with temporary ensembles on 'Existence Theatre' productions internationally. Undeniably influenced by developments and currents of European Postdramatic Theatre and Performance Art, they work site specific and respond to temporality and timelinessness, meeting their audience in a very close manner. With all their projects the artists of EXISTENCE THEATRE aim to raise critical questions rather than to provide trivial answers and take up a strong position against racism, exclusion and any form of discrimination while initiating participatory projects to create space for the perception of one’s own and others’ identities.

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  • "an impressive, colourful performance." – Fringefeed
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