Gusset Grippers

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Frank, factual and funny physiotherapist, and recovered incontinent, Elaine Miller, says #LaughDontLeak! The science of bladders and orgasms are a lot funnier than you thought. Learn about the wonders of the pelvic floor and why having a good one is smashing. Elaine is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and passionate about breaking taboos which prevent help-seeking. Elaine wants women to #GetAGrip, and #DontPutUpWithIt. Gusset Grippers is guaranteed to improve your orgasms (*)

★★★★★ Scottish Field, 2019 ★★★★★ Diva, 2019.
Sold out run at Edinburgh Fringe 2019.
"See this show, your knickers will thank you" One 4 Review.
"The best line in any of our videos" BBC Stories.
"Not just non-stop entertainment, but a way to a better life" Scotsman.

CPD for HCPs. (*citation needed. Results may vary)

Presented by:
Elaine Miller

Elaine is a pelvic physiotherapist in Edinburgh, Scotland. She wrote the show, Gusset Grippers, in a fit of temper because so few women seek help for incontinence, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunctions when #PhysioWorks. Combining her expertise with her hobby of stand up comedy seemed like the obvious thing to do - Gusset Grippers has sold out at the Edinburgh Fringe, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. Awarded a Fellowship by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy for her innovative approach to health promotion, Elaine is currently campaigning to have pelvic health included in sex ed. She is the only person dressed as a vulva to address the Scottish Government in Parliament and was disappointed none of the next day's papers made the obvious joke. Elaine is not scared of trampolines.

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