Fun Times with Olive and No One Else!

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Lazy Susan's Comedy Den

Upstairs @ The Brisbane Hotel, 292 Beaufort St, Highgate, WA, 6003

Minors cannot attend this show.

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

Coarse Language:


Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Medium

Something for almost everyone. Not too naughty, not too nice. These shows mightn’t be ideal for the little’uns.

Scaled fringe olive title 800

About this event

Dear you,

My plane crashed in the ocean and now I'm alone on a desert island. Thankfully, there is plenty of food and water, and also a bustling nightlife. Last night I hung out with Steve (he's a can of beans with eyes drawn on). He's a hoot, I'm having so much fun.

Please send help immediately.


Fun Times With Olive and No One Else! is a bittersweet comedy nursery rhyme (with swears in it).

From the writers of FRINGE WORLD 2019's sellout show SAD TV MAN:

"Wonderfully entertaining comedic theatre" ★★★★★ Pelican, 2019

"Absolutely unmissable... like nothing I've seen before and doubtless, will see again." ★★★★★ Fringefeed, 2019

Presented by:
Runaway Balloon

Runaway Balloon is an independent theatre company created for the purpose of chasing a balloon.

You know when you see a play and then a week later it unexpectedly pops into your head? We’d like our things to do that. We have a focus on fostering new talent and telling stories which are often sad, funny, or a little bit of both. Runaway Balloon presents original works and is not a front for an international money laundering scheme.

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