Dirty HOO-HAA!

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Scaled dirtyhoo haa print

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"No suggestion was too obscene, which made for some unlikely sketches leaving the audience in stitches... Well worth the night out" -- ★★★★ The Music

It's everyone's favourite improv comedy troupe, The Big HOO-HAA! Only filthier. Much, much filthier. In the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Dirty HOO-HAA! sees two teams of fearless comedians take to the stage to do battle in a competition of wit, humour and bad mime skills... in a pants down race to the dirty punch line.

While the whole world's busy not wanting to offend anyone and becoming more and more PC, Dirty HOO-HAA! is reclaiming the F-bomb and putting the cock back in cockamamie.

The Big HOO-HAA! has attracted a huge following over the past 17 years. Come and see your favourites unabridged and uncensored!

Presented by:
The Big HOO-HAA! & Lazy Susan's Comedy Den

Tucked away upstairs at the bustling Brisbane Hotel, Lazy Susan's Comedy Den is a hidden gem of comedic gold.

Each and every week we have audiences in stitches with an assortment of side-splitting improvised comedy, professional stand-up and experimental comedy chaos.

2019 marks our 15th year as WA's first dedicated comedy club and our 8th year as a FRINGE WORLD venue, offering Festival-goers a smorgasbord of LOL-inducing shows. Whether you're after some stand-up, improvised comedy, comical theatre or cabaret, you'll find something to tickle your funny bone during our FRINGE @ LAZY'S season.

If it’s funny, it’s on at Lazy’s – come and see for yourself!

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