Corey White: Just China Make It

Scaled corey fringe 2020
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Duration: 50 min

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The Board Room at The Vic Hotel

226 Hay Street, Subiaco WA, Australia

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Scaled corey fringe 2020

About this event

Corey White, Perth's favourite irreverent larrikin returns to FRINGE WORLD in 2020 with his new show exploring Australia's place in a complex world, where China is rising and the West is declining. How can we reconcile our history with our geography? Can Yum Cha and Coca Cola peacefully coexist? Which hyper-capitalist police state is the best? A refreshing, hilarious & informative take on Straya's future in the Asian century, served with zingers & Xi Jinpingas.

"The Nanette of Foreign Policy" ★★★★★ CCP
"Xi Bangs" ★★★★★ Ricky Martin
"I have not been paid to say these things" ★★★★★ Bob Carr

Presented by:
Corey White

Criminal lawyer by day, comedian by night, Corey White is of the most unique and refreshing voices in Australian stand-up. Louche and loquacious, irreverent and incorrigible, he's a little larrikin with a big heart and bigger mouth.

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