Cabaret of Curiosities

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Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)



Other Warnings:

Mental Health, Sexual Assault, Sexual References

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About this event

The Cabaret of Curiosities returns. Frater XV has collected some of the best stories and storytellers from around the globe. Hear the great Women of Valour stories in the Big Top at Sunset Veranda, learn of the great women role models and their stories. Learn of the female pioneers in mining. Great thinkers that changed the world as we know it. Experience dance that will challenge you. Learn which Australian banknote has a freemason on it. Witness the wonders of the human body and the world we live in. Hear amazing stories, see the power of the spirit of humankind, be awed by the weird and wonderful including water that transforms objects into stone. Participate in other shows including the Fair Ground at Ibis and Stevensons Theatre. No two shows are alike! YOU WILL LEAVE CHANGED :)

Presented by:
Frater XV

Frater XV has been exploring the world over that last few years, studying the dark arts and doing things which may seem impossible, so you do not need to. Consulting across the world on the amazing and intriguing. He takes your normal world, one step to the left.

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