Big Boys The 3rd

Comedy / Dance Theatre
Scaled big boys the third naf icon 2017
Join the multi award winning hilarious dancing brothers, Ash & Brad, as they wait nervously for Brad Shannon's new arrival. The boys banter in their inimitable style, as they debate the challenges of impending fatherhood. More mad antics and the best dance outbreaks to date. Don't miss the crazy. They'll have everyone in stitches.

Presented by:
Follow Spot Productions

In 2008 Ash and his wife Vanessa Harris opened the company Follow Spot Productions. Specialising in two genres of entertainment – corporate functions and intimate theatre – Follow Spot has been credited with numerous awards, both nationally and abroad. Together with Vanessa, Ash has written (and often co-directed) Love at First Fight, the Big Boys trilogy, Big Girls, Van & Ash Exposed, Bar None, Bon Soir, The Cat’s Meow, Elton & Friends and Au Revoir. He also choreographed and played the lead role in FollowSpot’s first full-scale dance production Another Day, and has taken a number of their productions to Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival in Australia and the Brighton Festival in the UK.


The Gold Digger at Fringe Central

Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, 6003, WA